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1on1 PT sessions - 30min / 45min / 60min

2on1 PT sessions - 30min / 45min / 60min

LIMITED Exclusive Studio Membership

We offer an exclusive membership to those who want to train in a place where equipment is available and not oversaturated with people. We understand the importance of your time and privacy, so we developed the exclusive membership program. Train in a private environment away from intimidating characters, build your confidence and learn how to get the most out of your workouts with our awesome facility. 


Hours: 5am till 10pm Everyday (use your keycard to access the studio)

Includes a FREE 30min session to Introduce you to our facility & take you through your program.
The Inner Focus Membership experience includes ALL Classes listed below:

Group Classes 

  • Abs & Core 30min

  • HIIT 30min

  • Boxing 45min

  • Sculpt & Tone 45min

  • Bootcamp 45min

Why we are more than a "Gym"

Beach Training / Outdoor Training / Mind Coaching / Stretching / Improved Flexibility

Weight Loss / Lean Muscle Gain / Correct Technique / Gut Healing / Over 50's Specialists

Nutrition advice / NLP Coaching / Hypnotherapy / Stress Management / Reiki Sessions / Foam Roller


Increased Energy / Pain Management / Injury prevention / Motivation / Accountability / Posture

Why Train with us?

The trainers are all very passionate about health and offer an infectious energy to their clients that you will not get from other gyms. They walk the talk, provide support and motivation and will always leave you smiling. We have two male trainers and three female trainers and depending on your goals can offer functional training and will always work on your technique. Our ethos when it comes to training clients is to develop strong building blocks so functional and correct technique is first and foremost.


 Lifestyle choices are key; sleep, stress and emotions play a huge factor, which is why our initial consultations always surprise our clients. The gym is a small, boutique gym with a full range of equipment, toilet, shower, water, A/C and a variety of different classes. It is known in the Glenelg community as being a friendly and approachable place to help people achieve their health goals.


"Where focus goes, energy flows" - Tony Robbins